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Brandon Wolfe

Brandon Wolfe

Music has always been a large part of Brandon Wolfe’s life.  At 16 he decided that he would learn the guitar… and hasn’t stopped writing music since. Primarily a guitarist, Brandon has played guitar and written music in a number of bands since those days. Today Brandon is making music for himself… and hoping that others get as much enjoyment from it as he does.

Brandon loves acoustic and electric guitars, but has taken a liking to percussion, piano and strings as additional tools in his musical arsenal. Listeners will find that he is incorporating a variety of instruments into his music these days. With a brand new instrumental CD release “Unspoken” in 2013, Brandon is writing and recording more music in his home studio.

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Brandon was in a number of bands before striking out on his own… the most successful of which was Alacrity. Check out the history of the band and pick up some CDs and T-Shirts while you are at it.


Some of Brandon’s favorite instrumental musicians: