Roger Theriault, Brandon Wolfe, Keith Blanchet

Alacrity Status

My last band, Alacrity, has been on “infinite hiatus” since 2006. We wrote and recorded some really amazing tunes that I encourage you to check out. Our music is for sale on and we have physical CDs, t-shirts and stickers available for sale. We played a variety of shows from 2003 – 2006 from Boston to Manchester to Western Mass. We’ve been played on radio stations from 90.3 WESS (PA) to Rock 101.1 (NH)… and featured on and covered in SoundCheck magazine.

Alacrity Bio

Alacrity; noun. The beginning of fast movement. It’s with this very same movement that Alacrity has begun pushing its way into the local music scene. As a powerful, melodic rock band, Alacrity proves that original music is alive and well in New England. Combining elements of modern rock and pop, the New Hampshire-based four-piece rock act draws influence from bands like Incubus and has developed an original, melodic music style that is all their own. Their lyrics speak of life experiences, lessons learned, and most of all, the hope and bright optimism of the youthful soul.

Since their initial meeting in 2003, the group hit it off both personally and musically. The foundation of the band began as a project between Roger Theriault (vocals, guitar) and Keith Blanchet (bass). Keith and Roger answered an ad from guitarist Brandon Wolfe and have worked with several drummers in their history. Brandon’s lush chords and melodic soloing were perfect for Keith’s blood-giving bass lines and Roger’s tenor singing. The guys that were once strangers now share a strong bond and friendship. Their sly sense of humor and energetic performances have earned them a strong following with crossover in the rock and pop music scenes.

In July of 2006, the band followed up their 2003 debut with the EP, Second Glance. Their recordings demonstrate skill and respect for the sovereignty of the song itself, full of powerful melodies and pop hooks. On songs like the inspiring “Ego”, Roger sings, “I can bear the grasp but I’ll never kneel. I’ll do anything I can that my conscience can find. Can I trust the mind that I know it’s real?” exposing the natural yearning of the human spirit to be free. Their genuine and emotional music is backed by powerful live performances that provide the momentum needed for a band like Alacrity.

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